Advanced Seminar Color Genetics in Alpacas

Goals and Structure of the Seminar

The aim of this advanced seminar is to provide usability of recent insights of science and breeding experiences, because breeding and selection is much more than just to know the color genotype and to calculate the possible genotype of progeny.

This seminar requires attendance of the basic seminar.Also this seminar includes personal advice afterwards.

Contens of the Seminar

  • Repetition of basics from first course
  • New insights from science and breeding experiences
    • Selection criteria - the "ideal" pehontype and the meaning of deviations
    • Why genetically black alpacas can be brown and what this means for breeding
    • Selection criteria - which color traits are important for breeding and which are importan for shows 
    • Statistics - where they can be helpful and where do they lead us astray
    • Decisions between quality and color - why we should protect wildtype-allels
    • Non-genetic influence factors on the penotype - melanogenesis and epigenesis
  • Development of breeding strategies