Basic Seminar on Color Genetics in Alpacas

Goals and Structure of the seminar

The seminar aims on providing basic knowledge on color genetics in alpacas which can be used in daily work of breeding. Technical terms and processes are understandably explained and deepend by exercises. For this purpose pictures of own alpacas oder test results can be brought along.

Moreover the seminar price includes personal advice afterwards because question usually arise at a stage when it comes to practical use and own breeding decisions.

Seminar Contents

Basics of Genetics

  • From chromosomes to allels
  • Basic concepts of heredity

Genetics of Base Colours

  • The ASIP markers A, a1, a2, a3 und MC1R marker E, e
  • Effects of genetic markers on melanin production


  • Types of melanin
  • Origin and distribution of melanin

Color Genotypes and Color Phenotypes

  • Assessment of typical traits for specific color genotypes
  • Assessment of phenotypes by color genotypes

Genetics of Color Patterns

  • Classic Grey
  • Appaloosa
  • Roan, Piebald, White Spot

Breeding Planning with Color Genetics

  • Calculation of genotypes of progeny
  • Probability of progeny's genotypes
  • Color genetic tests
  • Interpretation of test results
  • Sampling of blood tests and ordering color genetic tests